WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! Samurai Zombie Exclusive from Box O Zombies

You won’t get this one from any other box ever :) The good folks at Box O Zombies are working exclusively with My Geeky Goodies to bring you some super awesome undead goodness… if being undead was good.

Samurai Zombie’s Story:

“Back in Feudal Japan, A small contingent of Samurai were sent to destroy the undead abominations that were plaguing the land. The dead were rising and multiplying where ever they went. The samurai ultimately defeated the undead horde but at the cost of their own lives. After dispatching the remaining of his infected brethren, the lone Samurai committed seppuku not knowing that he himself would soon rise. He now roams the countryside, a mere shell of his former life.”

He is a 10″ (25.4cm), $150 value, Limited Edition Samurai Zombie where only 100 were made and you can be the owner of one of them!

Check out Box O Zombies here!


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